Italian ryegrass


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  • Diploid
  • Exceptional yielding capacity
  • Very high resistance to crown rust
  • Shows good persistency
  • Tolerant to traffic
  • Officially listed in: The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, United Kingdom, Russia, Croatia
Italian ryegrass

Barelli is an Italian ryegrass variety from Barenbrug. Trial results from Holland and Belgium confirms and guarantees a dense and healthy vegetation, ideal for the production of high quality forage.

  • Very high yields in the 1st cut and in the first year.
  • Barelli is less susceptible for traffic on the field and therefore it keeps a high percentage of ground cover due to its excellent persistency.
  • Barelli is particularly recommended for use in intercropping systems (e.g. after maize harvest) or one year leys (spring sowing).
  • Barelli is a diploid and has a high dry matter content in the plant and therefore, it does not cause extra effluent problems.

Feeding aspects:

  • Barelli is very palatable and digestible to stock.
  • This means that a high quality silage of hay can be obtained.
  • Barelli contains good levels of Water Soluble Carbohydrates

                (sugars) to give better fermentation.

Ploidy Diploid