Lucerne varieties


Productive type for Mediterranean areas
  • Dormancy Class: 7.0
  • Adopted with very good figures on French recommended list
  • Good persistency
  • Good yields
  • High resistance to diseases and nematodes
  • Very high resistance to Anthracnose
  • Officially listed in: France
  • Guaranteed top yields with Yellow Jacket Nitrogenerator®
Packshot lucerne

Guaranteed top yields with Yellow Jacket Nitrogenerator® 
Yellow Jacket Nitrogenerator® is Barenbrug’s seed enhancement technology for lucerne. Using new technology, high levels of effective Rhizobia are embedded in a protective polymer matrix. Together with a nutrient booster containing all essential minerals and trace elements, this product is designed to improve establishment and increase forage production.

Reasons to use Yellow Jacket Nitrogenerator®:

  • Improved establishment under difficult conditions.
  • Better use of available water and soil moisture.
  • Increased disease resistance.
  • Improved nitrogen fixation.
  • Increased forage and protein yield.

For extra information about Yellow Jacket Nitrogenerator®, click here.

Sowing rate (seeding) 25 - 30 kg/ha
Packaging 25 kg bags
Sowing period WEG
Forage WEG
Dry matter yield 4
Protein% 3
Nematodes 5
Winter hardiness 2
Digestibility 3