The Standard in high-quality cocksfoot
  • Medium-late heading
  • Very high dry matter yield in the 1st cut
  • High dry matter yields in summer and fall
  • High digestibility
  • Good disease resistance
  • Excellent winter hardiness
  • Excellent persistency
  • Officially listed in: Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Luxemburg, Belarus, Russia

Intensiv cocksfoot origins from Barenbrug’s continental breeding programme in Romania. The variety shows early spring growth and a prolonged growing season with high dry matter yields. Due to its intermediate late heading and absence of re-heading, Intensiv shows an excellent forage quality and digestibility. The variety is fast establishing after sowing and shows a good resistance to diseases. 

Intensiv can be used for both cutting and grazing management or combined in a mixture with lucerne. Particularly suited for areas with severe winters.

Intensiv Recommended List Switzerland
Heading Medium-late heading