Uptake stimulating palatability
  • Late heading
  • Exceptional yield at first cut
  • Consistent outstanding yield over complete season
  • Great persistency
  • Less sensitive to stress
  • Officially listed in the Netherlands, France, UK and Denmark

Baronaise is the newest generation of late heading timothy at Barenbrug. It is a variety with outstanding yield over the whole season and amongst other timothy varieties*, 1st cut yield is exceptionally high. Baronaise has an all-round high profile with great notes for persistency and competing ability in mixtures**.

* Highest nutritional value in Danish research in 2017.

** Consistent yield figures over several years in CSAR (Dutch Recommended List of Varieties).

Overview of the variety characteristics timothy
High scores indicate a favourable rating of the relevant characteristics

Baronaise CSAR

Baronaise has great potential for many countries in the continental and oceanic area. It has excellent palatability which stimulates the uptake of the total feed ration of cows. Therefore Baronaise is the tasty addition to a mixture, whilst keeping productivity and balance in the mixture guaranteed.

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