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What is Resilient Blue?

Be prepared for extremes! The climate is changing worldwide. Extremes are becoming the new standard. We see heavy downpours, sweltering heat and very dry summers. As a turf professional, you are more frequently under pressure. Do I have to irrigate and how much? Has my fertiliser been leached out? Can I cut the grass when it is so wet? But there is no reason for stress! There is a new grass technology that can handle these extremes resiliently, Resilient Blue! It will take the punches of extreme stress and fights back!

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Resilient Blue, the new standard for sustainability

Carefree green turf, even after extreme conditions. Every plant takes severe punches under extreme conditions. But they are not all able to survive this, let alone recover from it. With Resilient Blue technology, the turf suffers far less under extreme conditions such as drought and heat. Resilient Blue technology also ensures the fastest recovery after a stressful situation. That's what we mean by resilience! Resilience is the new standard for sustainability.

Resilient Blue grass technology

Resilient Blue comprises grasses that excel in resilience. Specially developed resilient Kentucky bluegrass (resilient smooth-stalked meadow grass) plants form the foundation of the mix. Resilient Blue grass seeds are treated with Yellow Jacket Water Manager. This unique Yellow Jacket Water Manager seed treatment ensures optimal moisture management around the seed. Grass seeds germinate successfully and young, vulnerable plants develop, stress-free, into healthy and vital turf. In this way Resilient Blue technology forms a resilient foundation that will ensure that the turf is prepared for extremes in the future!

The main advantages are:
  • Tolerance during stress periods.
  • Fastest recovery after stressful periods.
  • Extraordinary high wear tolerance.
  • High disease tolerance.

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Want to know more about Resilient Blue?

Prolonged drought and heat, high disease pressure and long-term low nutritional levels are all factors that can be fatal for your turf and cause you headaches! Do you want to avoid this? Then you can with Resilient Blue!

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Resilience does not only mean enduring extreme weather conditions, but, above all, ensuring quick recovery after these conditions too.

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Good wear tolerance is a prerequisite for a resilient sports field. Resilient Blue uses our strong as iron RPR technology, which ensures good high wear tolerance.

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Extreme weather conditions often lead to stress and a high level of disease pressure. Resilient Blue 's resilience ensures that your turf is less susceptible to attack by fungi and your turf not only remains greener; it is also healthier.

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