Barenbrug Kruidenmengsel voor weilanden

Tasty Herbs

Palatable and healthy for grazing animals
  • For a biodiverse pasture
  • Suitable for cutting and grazing
  • Perfect in combination with Nutriherb or Horse master
  • Healthy and safe for cattle, sheep and horses
  • Improves soil structure
  • For all soil types

Palatable herb mixture for cutting and grazing. Safe for cattle, sheep and horses.  Species have a preventive effect against internal parasites and a beneficial effect on health, metabolism and rumen function. Biodiversity will be stimulated, and deep rooting herbs will also help to improve soil structure and drought resistance.   

Suitable for all soil types.  Active species will differ per location and year.   


See PDF Flower mixtures overview

*composition may differ based on availability.  

This mixture contains 20 species. 

Seeding rate:

2 - 3 kg/ha when mixed with grasses   

Mowing regime:


Sowing window:

Year round, but preferably autumn or spring.    

Sowing method:

Ensure seeds are not too deep in the soil.    

Soil type:

All soils. Development of species will differ per location, year and soil type.   

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Approx. height n/a
Durability Perennial
Packaging 1 kg