RPR® Golf Ultrafine

Ultra-fine and strong as iron regenerating perennial ryegrass, also suitable for greens
  • RPR for golf greens
  • The finest perennial ryegrass solution, perfect for greens
  • Fast establishment due to unique determinate stolons
  • Mowing height possible from 5 mm
  • Germination and growth in low temperatures: a longer playing season
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RPR® for Golf Greens

RPR for greens, that's RPR Golf Ultrafine. The secret: the unique combination of regenerating perennial ryegrass plants with a low growth point that also have less vertical growth than normal perennial ryegrasses. This revolutionary combination is crucial for success on your greens.

RPR Golf Ultrafine provides free additional RPR plants through its stolons. These extra RPR plants create a dense, fine-bladed turf that tolerates mowing heights from 5 mm. Additionally, RPR Golf Ultrafine germinates from 8 degrees Celsius, making it ideal for restoring greens after winter. Your golf course is ready to play immediately after winter; no other grass type can do it faster!

Finest Perennial Ryegrass Solution, Suitable for Greens

The new generation of our RPR grass technology is super-fine-bladed, ultra-fine. This makes RPR suitable for greens! RPR Golf Ultrafine combines the finest perennial ryegrasses with and without stolons. The combination of stolons, low growth point, and slow growth makes this solution unique.

Regular perennial ryegrass plants are often damaged directly at lower mowing heights. The growth point of the plant is then too high, and leaf production is too fast. A dense sod is not formed. RPR Golf Ultrafine can be used on the entire course, from tee to green. Due to its very fine-bladed nature, RPR Golf Ultrafine can be blended with almost all grass types.

With RPR Golf Ultrafine, a dense, fine-bladed, and incredibly strong turf forms rapidly, regardless of your preference for red fescue greens, bentgrass greens, or a combination of both.

Fastest Establishment Due to Unique Determinate Stolons

Not only does RPR Golf Ultrafine germinate rapidly, but the plants also establish themselves faster than all other grass types. This is not due to vertical growth but to stolons with new plants. In no time, your turf is completely filled with strong, fine-bladed RPR plants (see figure 2).

Mowing Height Possible from 5 mm

RPR Golf Ultrafine is unique because of the low growth point of the selected grass plants. This is the point from which the grass plant recovers after being mowed. The lower this point, the shorter you can mow. Moreover, the plants have minimal vertical growth. This allows you to mow RPR Golf Ultrafine at 5 mm! Mow regularly and frequently, and a fine-bladed turf will emerge that can self-repair through the unique stolons of RPR.

Germination and Activity in Low Temperatures: A Longer Playing Season

RPR Golf Ultrafine germinates from 8 degrees Celsius. It is, therefore, the fastest solution to rapidly repair damage from disease, pests, or winter on greens, for example. Additionally, RPR Golf Ultrafine is active at lower temperatures. It is the first to become active in spring and continues to recover from stress until late fall. Thanks to the unique self-repairing properties of RPR grass technology, RPR Golf Ultrafine can better compete against unwanted grasses such as annual meadow grass and weeds.

Establishment speed fast
Fertiliser requirement normal
Speed of Growth fast
Sowing rate 20 - 25 g/m²
Mowing height from 5 mm
Packaging 15 kg
Sowing depth 0.5 - 1.0 cm