RPR® Golf Extreme

Supreme wear tolerance with Regenerating Perennial Ryegrass inside
  • Highest wear tolerance
  • Regenerating ability due to RPR-grass technology
  • Fastest establishment
  • Extremely robust playing season
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Highest wear tolerance

RPR Golf Extreme excels in wear tolerance, extreme wear tolerance! The grass plants simply withstand heavy foot traffic longer than counterparts. In a dense turf, there's less room for unwanted weaker plants like poa annua or weeds. Additionally, the soil retains more load-bearing capacity and remains more stable. Less damage means less repair work. That saves both time and money!

Regenerating ability due to RPR-grass technology

The most aggressively creeping RPR plants are selected for RPR Golf Extreme. Thus, a heavily trafficked turf rapidly recovers after any damage, with the help such as divot. New RPR plants quickly fill in the gap with runners. Hence, you need less seed to repair divots. Free bonus grass plants!


Fastest establishment

RPR Golf Extreme forms an incredibly robust turf shortly after germination. Not only does it germinate from as low as 8 degrees Celsius, but the young seedlings also rapidly develop into mature, wear-tolerant plants.

Extremely robust playing season

RPR Golf Extreme is the strongest solution for tees and fairways to recover from winter damage early in the spring. This can be achieved by overseeding already established plants or by new seeding. Moreover, it's the first mixture to become active in the spring. It also continues to recover from wear and tear well into late autumn. In short, it helps you prepare optimally for an incredibly robust playing season.

RPR® video – Strong as iron!


Quantity Species
50% Lolium perenne - RPR® Technology
50% Lolium perenne - fine leaved
Establishment speed very fast
Fertiliser requirement high
Speed of Growth very fast
Sowing rate 25-30 gr/m²
Mowing height from 10 mm
Packaging 15 kg
Sowing depth 0.5 - 1.0 cm
Close mowing tolerance 2
Higher resistance to diseases 4
Requires less irrigation 4
Requires less fertilisers 2
Requires less mowing 2
Higher wear tolerance in summer 5
Higher wear tolerance in winter 5
Higher ball speeds 5
Fast establishment 4
Self repairing 5
Higher turf density 3
Year round green color 5
Higher salt tolerance 5