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Resilient Blue® Sport

Resilience in extreme situations
  • Tolerance during stress periods
  • Fastest recovery after stressful periods
  • Extraordinary wear tolerance
  • High disease tolerance
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Resilient Blue® Grass Technology

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Be prepared for extremes! The climate is changing worldwide. Extremes are becoming the new standard. We see heavy downpours, sweltering heat and very dry summers. As a turf professional, you are more frequently under pressure. Do I have to irrigate and how much? Has my fertiliser been leached out? Can I cut the grass when it is so wet? But there is no reason for stress! There is a new grass technology that can handle these extremes resiliently, Resilient Blue®! It will take the punches of extreme stress and fights back!

Tolerance during stress periods

Prolonged drought and heat, high disease pressure and long-term low nutritional levels, are all factors that can be fatal for your turf and cause you headaches! Unlike normal smooth-stalked meadow grasses, Resilient Blue® keeps a 'cool head' under these conditions and it tolerates a wide range of stress factors. By recovering at the right time, Resilient Blue® can fight back and achieve optimal grass coverage. This makes Resilient Blue® unique!


Source: Landlab Institute Italy, 2017.

Fastest recovery from heat and drought

If your turf is under severe drought and heat stress, it is nice to know that you can rely on Resilient Blue® to fight through and recover a good condition again. Resilient Blue® has well above average stress tolerance and it recovers significantly faster from extremes.


Source: Landlab Institute Italy, September-October 2017.

Extraordinary wear tolerance

Resilient Blue® uses our strong as iron RPR® technology. RPR® - regenerating perennial ryegrass, unlike normal perennial ryegrass, forms stolons that ensure recovery from any damage at lightning speed. Common, bunch-type, perennial ryegrass does not have this property. The stolon formation capability makes RPR® very strong in regeneration. And RPR® germinates and establishes itself very quickly. RPR® grass technology and Resilient Blue® grass technology go hand in hand, each reinforcing the other. A very strong and resilient combination!

High disease tolerance

Extreme weather conditions often lead to stress and a high level of disease pressure. Resilient Blue®'s resilience ensures that your turf is less susceptible to attack by fungi and your turf not only remains greener; it is also healthier. This means that you can play continuously on the turf. And this gives cost savings on maintenance, damage repair and pesticides.

Resilient Blue® Sport performs better under a low-input regime than standard sports field mixture and is therefore the best solution for extensively used and maintained pitches, fields or courts. In short, Resilient Blue® is the smartest solution for sowing new sports fields! This is where Resilient Blue® technology comes into its own. It is, of course, also suitable for overseeding existing fields. Keep in mind that in comparison to lolium perenne, poa pratensis generally takes a little longer to grow to its full potential.

Read more about Resilient Blue®: https://www.barenbrug.biz/resilient-blue

Resilient Blue® - Grass that fights back


Quantity Species
30% Resilient Blue® (treated with Yellow Jacket Water Manager)
25% Lolium perenne - RPR® Technology
45% Lolium perenne
Establishment speed Fast
Nitrogen requirement Normal
Speed of Growth Normal
Sowing rate 20 - 25 g/m2
Mowing height From 20 mm
Packaging 15 kg
Fast Establishment 4
Self-Repairing 5
High wear tolerance 5
High drought tolerance 4
Germination low temperatures 6°C 3
Requires less irrigation 4
Requires less fertilisers 5
Requires less pesticide 5