head grass varieties westerwolds


Grows faster than its shadow
  • Tetraploid Westerwold ryegrass
  • Producing a high yield in the first cut
  • High seasonal dry matter yields
  • Comparable to Barspectra II
  • Officially listed in: Italy

Barturbo is a tetraploid variety of Westerwolds ryegrass which stands for high yields of palatable forage. Barturbo can be used as a main crop and as a stubble crop. Barturbo is a leafiness, broad leaved variety with a significantly higher dry matter content in the plant, providing very high dry matter yields per hectare.

The main features of Barturbo are:

  • fast establishment after sowing and dense growth.
  • excellent dry matter yield at first cut (102 % over standards in French trials,autumn sowing).
  • good frost resistance.
  • very good resistance to Leafspot and Bacterial wilt (Xanthomonas).
  • excellent resistance to lodging.
Ploidy Tetraploid