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“Green paddocks with healthy grasses for horses”

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Dear horse owner

A beautiful green pasture with firm sod and enough grass to graze your horse daily is precisely what every horse keeper wishes for. Unfortunately, many horses graze on bare pastures or pastures with grass intended for cows. This can lead to various health problems. That is why Barenbrug has developed Horse Master with the RPR technology.

Horse Master is a balanced grass seed mixture. A Horse Master pasture has a firm sod, fast regrowth, and the crop is rich in structure but low in fructan.


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Healthy horses

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Good grass improve the health of your horse.


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Green Paddocks

Horse Master _ Green Paddocks

A meadow with a strong prevents injuries.


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Hay production

Horse Master_Hay production

Produce healthy roughage of your own land.


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Horse Master_maintenance

What to do to maintain your horse meadow.


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Jan Schut, owner Henriette Hoeve

"We've always been passionate about forage, as good forage allows us to really make a difference."

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Sustainable farming with herb-rich grassland

Herb-Rich Grassland; for Dairy Farmers Committed to Sustainable Practices. To meet the needs and demands of dairy farmers, Barenbrug has extensively researched which combinations of herbs and grasses complement each other. The result: NutriHerb. A biodiverse crop that stimulates bees and insects while providing tasty and nutritious feed for dairy cattle. In the video, the whole story. From research to dairy farmer.


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Consumer products

What is Bluemuda?

Bluemuda offers the solution for bermudagrass that is permanently green all year round.

Providing grass excellence


Committed to a sustainable future

During the development of our products, we pay a great deal of attention to not only economic viability but also to the sustainable use and management of grass.



Accredited expertise rooted on innovation

The development of grasses and forage legumes is our core competence with a continual focus on generating added value to benefit the end users of our products.



Worldwide presence with local  

Barenbrug Group, with headquarters in The Netherland, has 18 operating companies and 22 R&D locations in all major climate zones.