Cows eating NutriHerb


Certified fodder grass mixture for biodiversity
  • Proven dry matter intake and palatability
  • Guaranteed quality through certified seeds
  • Healthier dairy cattle
  • High dry matter yield
  • Strong grassland for high feed quality
  • GreenEarth for sustainable dairy farming
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Proven dry matter intake and palatability
The excellent palatability of NutriHerb ensures that your cattle absorb the crop well. The intake of NutriHerb has been tested in various grazing trials. The high feed value of NutriHerb guarantees excellent milk yield.

Guaranteed quality through certified seed
NutriHerb gives you years of excellent crop yield. NutriHerb is namely the only controlled and certified herb blend. This means that the blend meets strict requirements in terms of germination and purity. The fodder herbs are supplemented with the highest quality grasses. We have carefully chosen grasses that match the growth pattern of the herbs.

Easy to sow ready-to-use mixture
NutriHerb is a ready-to-use mixture that makes it easy to sow. This gives you the certainty that you are sowing the diff erent herbs and grass seeds in the right proportions.

Consistent composition over several years
Barenbrug Research has tested various combinations of herbs and grasses in order to exclude the risk of grassing. The composition that ultimately performed best over several years was selected for NutriHerb. NutriHerb is not sown for a short period of time, but has been designed to enrich your grassland with fodder herbs for several years.

Healthier dairy cattle
NutriHerb increases the fertility, udder health and general immunity of your dairy cattle. This has been achieved thanks to the tannins, the essential oils and the higher mineral content of the diff erent herbs.

Highly resistant to extreme weather conditions
A NutriHerb plot can withstand extreme weather conditions such as drought or a wet period thanks to its intensive deep rooting. The worms and soil bacteria that the grass herbs attract make the soil more active and resilient.

High dry matter yield
The dry matter yield of a NutriHerb plot is higher than that of grass alone. This can be attributed to the various clover varieties contained in NutriHerb. They bind nitrogen from the air and embed it in the soil, resulting in better soil fertility. Nitrogen fertilization is (almost) no longer necessary.

Sophisticated selection of feed herbs
NutriHerb is formulated with feed herbs that perform well in combination with grasses. NutriHerb is a mix of red and white clover, sainfoin, bird's-foot Trefoil, chicory, caraway and narrow leaved plantain in combination with grass. Read more about it. 

Suitable for cutting and grazing
Plots with NutriHerb can be used flexibly for grazing and/or mowing. The mixture has been tried and tested in both applications.

Social trend towards sustainable entrepreneurship
These days, consumers are keeping a close eye on livestock farmers and asking critical questions about corporate social responsibility and sustainability. With the cultivation of NutriHerb, you are responding to consumer demand, thereby improving the sector’s image. Moreover, NutriHerb meets the requirements of the various dairy chains.

GreenEarth for sustainable dairy farming
With NutriHerb sustainable food production becomes a little easier. That is why NutriHerb has the GreenEarth-label. To get this label a product must fulfil several conditions. NutriHerb has the GreenEarth-label because of the following reasons:

  • NutriHerb increases the health of dairy cattle because of the minerals in the several herbs.
  • NutriHerb ensures more biodiversity.
  • NutriHerb improves soil fertility.
  • NutriHerb reduces greenhouse gas emissions.





Quantity Species
% Red clover
% White clover
% Sainfoin
% Chicory
% Bird's-foot trefoil
% Narrow-leaved plantain
% Caraway
% Lucerne
% Tall fescue
Sowing period Spring: April. Autumn: 15 Aug - 15 Sept
Sowing depth 0,5 - 1 cm
Sowing rate (overseeding) 15 kg / ha
Sowing rate (seeding) soft-leaf tall fescue: 60 kg / ha. Perennial ryegrass: 45 kg / ha
Dry matter yield with grazing 4
Spring yield 4
Drought tolerant 4
Standability 5
Feed value 4
Suitable for cold and wet soils 5
Dry matter yield with cutting 4
Crown rust tolerence 3
Hardy 5
Palatability 4
Structure 5