Stubble turnip


Lowers your winter feeding costs
  • High proportion of leaves to bulb.
  • Can be grazed 8 weeks after sowing.
  • Reliable high yielding.
  • Great palatability.
  • Excellent tolerance and regrowth under grazing.
  • A perfect winter feed.
Packshot General

Stubble turnip is an excellent catch crop which can produce palatable, high quality forage. It can be sown in spring or summer and ensures forage availability in less than 3 months. It provides autumn and winter feed for buffer-feeding cows or for finishing lambs. Stubble turnips provide a tool to lower winter feed costs.

Barkant is a Barenbrug-bred variety, which is a very vigorous diploid turnip variety with a purple tankard root type. The variety has a very good leaf and root yield with high sugar and dry-matter content. Ideally suited for grazing with sheep and cattle, it is common to obtain 9-14 tons of dry-matter per hectare of this high-energy feed. Barkant is able to provide multiple harvests with the correct grazing management.