Very fast autumn grazing option
  • Very fast autumn grazing option
  • Medium tall, very leafy forage rape
  • Fast growing catch crop
  • Very suitable for grazing
  • Excellent night frost tolerance
  • Flexible sowing period
  • High disease resistance

Forage rape is suitable for either grazing by livestock or cutting and feeding. It has a high energy value and a highly digestible crude protein content. In general, the taller varieties develop more stems but, as a compensation, the leaves remain cleaner. Forage rape is also used as a green manure crop because of its high and speedy production of dry matter both above and below ground level. It shows good tolerance to night frost and has a rapid initial growth rate.

While typically sown as pure stands, it can be sown in combination with other forages. For winter feed, it can be planted with annual or Italian ryegrasses and eventually in combination with stubble turnips.

Management recommendations

Sown: May to end of August

Soil type: Grows on most soils ideally with a pH of 6 - 6.5.

Sowing rate: Drilled, natural seed 6 kg/ha -  Broadcast, natural seed 10 kg/ha

Seed bed: Firm, fine level seed bed, can be drilled into cereal stubbles

Fertiliser: 50 N, 25 P, 50 K, kg/ha assuming sufficient soil nutrients available

Harvest:  Grazed; apply strip-grazing for the most efficient usage

Yield: 24-35 T/ha fresh and 3.5 T/ha dry matter

Feeding: Grazed in situ 13 – 15 weeks from sowing

Dry matter: 12%-14%

Crude protein: 19%-20%

Energy value: 10 - 11 MJ ME/kg DM