Alfa Value

Alfa Value

Lucerne-grass mixture
  • Successful and user-friendly combination
  • Resistant to extreme climate conditions
  • Healthy cows produce more milk
  • Guaranteed top yields with Yellow Jacket Nitrogenerator®
Packshot lucerne

• Cutting
• Haylage
• Perennial (3-5 years)

Successful and user-friendly combination
If you are looking to produce land-based protein, Alfa Value will help you achieve this in no time. It consists of the best lucerne varieties and NutriFibre (soft-leaf tall fescue). This combination is as successful as it is user-friendly. At first, NutriFibre develops mainly underground, giving the lucerne plenty of room for a good start. Next, NutriFibre provides good ground cover, so that weeds don’t get a chance. Both crops grow in the same rythem. Lucerne binds nitrogen from the air, making nitrogen fertilisation superfluous.

Resistant to extreme climate conditions
Dry summer, wet autumn and cold winter? Lucerne and NutriFibre develop very deep roots. As a result, they are resistant to extreme climate conditions. Thanks to the winter resting phase, Alfa Value can withstand cold winters well. What’s more, the deep rooting of both varieties improves organic matter and soil structure. As a result, the mixture continues to perform well in the following years and will last longer than single lucerne.

Healthy cows produce more milk
With the combination of the high protein content of lucerne and the energy from grass, you can provide your cows with high-quality roughage. Both crops contain plenty of nutrient-rich fibre, resulting in healthy animals thanks to optimal rumen function. This is reflected in the cows’ fertility, udder health and claws. And ultimately, in more milk! The cows love to eat it. Once ensiled, the sugar in grass is converted into lactic acid. As a result, Alfa Value preserves better than lucerne alone, so that the quality and palatability are maintained. Healthy cows eating plenty of quality feed: what’s not to like?

Lucerne is a nitrogen-fixing crop. It gives the grass direct nutrition. As a result, Alfa Value does not require additional nitrogen fertilisation. This will save around 250 - 300 kg N/ha. When sowing, we recommend 25 kg N/ha. Fertilisation only makes sense if 40% or more of the grass is visible on the land. The basis is a soil analysis, phosphate in the spring, and above all potassium, the latter being extremely important for lucerne! It must be given per cut.

The perfect cutting height is 7 to 10 cm. In order to prevent thinning of the lucerne, it is important to cut just above the young runners. Cut the mixture when 10% of the buds are visible on the lucerne. Cutting too early will cause slow regrowth. Cutting in wet conditions and using heavy farm equipment may cause crop damage. Do not cut between mid-September and mid-October, to replenish underground root reserves. This will benefit the lucerne’s lifespan. Tedding is best avoided. to avoid/limit leaf loss. Cutting with a conditioner will improve the silage quality, particularly so if a special lucerne conditioner is used.

Alfa Balance
Depending on your purpose, local regulations, soil type or climatic conditions, you may choose our other lucerne-grass mixture: Alfa Balance. It contains less lucerne than Alfa Value. If your soil is suitable for lucerne (has a higher pH), we recommend Alfa Balance.

Guaranteed top yields with Yellow Jacket Nitrogenerator®
The lucerne seed in Alfa Value is enhanced with Yellow Jacket Nitrogenerator®. This seed enhancement technology embeds high levels of specific Rhizobium bacteria in the lucerne. Together with a nutrient booster containing all the essential minerals and trace elements, this product is designed to improve establishment and increase forage production.

Reasons to use Yellow Jacket Nitrogenerator®:

  • Improved establishment under difficult conditions
  • Better use of available water in the soil
  • Increased disease resistance
  • Improved nitrogen fixation
  • Increased forage and protein yield

Click here for more information about Yellow Jacket Nitrogenerator®

Sowing rate 35 kg/ha
Sowing depth 1-2 cm
Sowing period April and August
Cutting height aanpassen naar mowing height
Dry matter yield 5
Protein% 3
Nematodes 4
Winter hardiness 5
Digestibility 5