Seeding a horse pasture

Seeding a horse pasture costs time and attention, but they will pay off in the form of excellent grassland that you will enjoy for many years. If you should be unable to seed your horse pasture yourself, ask your local agricultural contractor for help.

Agricultural contractors have the expertise and machinery needed to seed a beautiful horse pasture. It is important for your contractor to use grass seed that is specifically intended for horse pastures. If you haven’t yet bought any grass seed yourself, don’t forget to discuss this with your contractor.


The first step in creating a horse pasture is to destroy weeds. You will be able to obtain the required herbicides from your local agricultural distributor or contractor. Then dig or plough your land to a depth of about 20 cm. Weed seeds will then be ploughed under and the soil will become airier and better capable of absorbing nutrients. Allow the soil to settle for at least a week and then rake it fine by hand or using a cultivator or rotary harrow. Repeat this until you end up with soil particles with a maximum diameter of 1 cm. The land will now be smooth and ready for seeding, with a layer of loose topsoil of 1 to 2 cm.


Spring and early autumn are good times for seeding grassland. In those periods the temperature and humidity will ensure optimum germination and growth of the grass. The soil temperature should be at least 8°C (that can be easily measured). Try to do your seeding before a forecast rain shower. Horse Master® can be seeded until the end of September, weather dependant,  but Hay Master should be seeded by 1 September at the latest. If you seed later, the young grass plants will have insufficient time to develop properly before winter and will run a risk of frost damage. Small plots can be easily seeded by hand. Distribute the grass seed evenly across the land, rake the soil lightly and then compact it by walking across it or rolling it. Large areas are best seeded with the aid of a special grass-seeding machine.

Don’t seed any deeper than 1.0-1.5 cm. Roll the seedbed immediately after the seeding. Ensure sufficient moisture after the seeding to allow the grass to establish. It is advisable to apply fertiliser when the grass is 6-8 cm high. That is also the best time for chemical weed control. Don’t wait too long before doing this, because otherwise the weeds will smother the young grass plants. 

Make sure any machines you use leave no tracks in your pasture. A freshly seeded pasture cannot be used for two months. The grass must be mown at least once before it can be used for grazing. Mow the grass for the first time when it is about 15 cm long. Any bare patches should be overseeded and extra nutrients (nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus) can be applied if necessary. Your pasture is now ready for grazing.

You will need 80 kg of Horse Master® to seed one hectare of land. If you want to use your plot mainly for mowing, 50 kg per hectare will suffice.