Our clover is ready for a flying start

Our clover is ready for a flying start

Everyone and everything benefits from the best possible start, including the clover in your grassland. Thanks to the renewed Yellow Jacket Nitrogenerator® technology, your red clover is guaranteed outstanding initial germination and growth.

The experts in our laboratories worked for years to create Yellow Jacket Nitrogenerator®, a seed treatment that adds beneficial Rhizobium bacteria to the seed. A special recipe and process was developed to ensure the correct Rhizobium bacteria attach firmly around the seeds. This contains additional nutrients that significantly boost the survival rate of the Rhizobium bacteria. Clover can certainly use this extra support, as after seeding it faces fierce competition from grass and weeds. Yellow Jacket Nitrogenerator® gets the crop off to a flying start, and can quickly transform nitrogen captured from the air into ammonia nitrogen to nourish the plant.

Extensive practical trials
Clover seed coated with Yellow Jacket Nitrogenerator® has been extensively trialled in practice. The initial trials took place at Barenbrug Research, followed by practical trials on farms in the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark and Poland. The results quickly revealed that treated seed outperformed untreated seed. The plants established faster, and had outstanding initial growth. The yields were also far superior to untreated seeds. Based on these excellent results, all red clover seed will be coated with Yellow Jacket Nitrogenerator® from 2022.

The ultimate partnership
Legumes have the fantastic ability to convert nitrogen from the air into nitrogen that can be utilised by the crop. To do this, the crop works in partnership with Rhizobium bacteria. Although these bacteria can occur naturally in the soil, each crop has a preference for a particular strain of bacteria. There are often insufficient Rhizobium bacteria for optimal results. Yellow Jacket Nitrogenerator® gives you the assurance of enough Rhizobium of the right strain, and guarantees successful seeding results.



Mixes easier with grass seed
The weight and size of clover seed coated with Yellow Jacket Nitrogenerator® makes it easier to mix with grass seed, which prevents separation in the seeder. The heavier weight also improves contact with the soil after seeding. As Yellow Jacket Nitrogenerator ® attracts and retains moisture, it also promotes germination. In short: why settle for less than the best? Choose clover treated with Yellow Jacket Nitrogenerator®.

Lucerne with Yellow Jacket Nitrogenerator®
Besides red clover, all lucerne seed from Barenbrug is also coated with Yellow Jacket Nitrogenerator®. For the best results, lucerne seed is coated with a different strain of Rhizobium than clover seed.