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Leading farm in Germany convinced about NutriFibre

 „Gut Hulsenberg“ is a farm in Northern Germany with 250 dairy cows, a biogas plant and 300 ha forage crops. This farm is one of the best in Europe which can be seen by its milk production level of 11.600 kg per cow. The farm is owned by the company Schaumann who uses the farm facilities for its international research on inoculants and dairy nutrition.

Effective fibre with digestible protein
At Gut Hulsenberg, a lot of high quality forage is utilized in the feed ration. They have been using NutriFibre technology in grasseed mixture Vital since 2011. The total area with this grass type has increased to 80 hectares in 2014. The reason to start using NutriFibre is replace low energy straw as fibre source and very expensive protein concentrates by specific high-end grass!

As soft-leaved tall fescue combines effective fibre with digestible protein, this forage should be the right answer to their demand.

Amazing results
The forage production results have been amazing since then. The silage yield of fields with NutriFibre exceed by far the other grass fields. According to the silage analyses, the soft-leaved tall fescue (always ensiled with a BonSilage-inoculant) gives a 8,2% higher Crude Protein content compared to the average silage in their region. Schaumann-trainee Martin Böhmer calculated that for Gut Hulsenberg this leads to an increased yield of 21.400 kg Crude Protein. This equals an annual saving of €13.258,- in protein concentrates (rapeseed expeller).

Feed efficiency of 1,6
The animal performance has improved since the usage of NutriFibre. The daily milk production is 37,1 kg per cow, with a low amount of concentrates in the diet, being 251 gr/kg milk. This gives a superb feed efficiency: 1,6 kg ECM (Energy Corrected Milk) / kg dry matter feed. There are very few modern farms in Europe who can realize these technical results.

NutriFibre combines effective fibre with energy and digestible protein
From the experience at Gut Hulsenberg can be seen that by using soft-leaved tall fescue in combination with the right BonSilage inoculant, less protein and less fibre has to be added to the diet, which results in  a better and healthier feed ration. NutriFibre combines effective fibre with energy and digestible protein and is therefore the ideal forage source for modern farms.

(Source: The information in this article was provided by Schaumann GmbH, Germany)