Prota PLus

ProtaPlus II

Intercropping mixture with triple protection
  • Tremendous humus formation
  • Triple protection against nitrogen leaching
  • Fast and reliable ground cover by Italian ryegrass
  • Italian ryegrass variety with the highest degree of nematode resistance
  • Very good dryness tolerance and minimal location requirements of common vetch
  • Also suitable for stubble crops due to fast initial development
Packshot General

Mixture for the production of a high-quality basic fodder silage and for active protection against nutrient leaching.

Soil requirements
Well-rooted arable land locations.

Italian ryegrass variety with the highest resistance to nematodes, minimal location requirements and very good drought tolerance, intensive and fast-growing root system, high nitrogen fixation.

Latest sowing date
Beginning of August to beginning of September.


Quantity Species
- Vetch
- Crimson clover
- Italian ryegrass
Sowing rate 45 - 50 kg/ha
Sowing period August